On this year's singles' day we asked our SELF-LOVE members why does it feel soooo good to be in a healthy relationship with yourself.

Meet Deimantė, Jessica, Emilija & Simona!

Deimantė Bulbenkaitė

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A thing you love the most about yourself & why?
My brain. Because it helps me make mistakes, learns from some of them and eventually turns the best ones into hilarious stories.

Why does it feel sooo damn good to be single?
I get to order a family-size pizza with countless toppings and watch reruns of RuPaul's Drag Race at full volume.

A proper way to celebrate single's day is...?
Enjoying battery-operated devices. And lighting a scented candle or two.

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Jessica Shy

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Your personal song that always makes you feel strong?
It will always be “🌹”. It has so much symbolism to me. At the time I felt like a flower without any water and daylight abandoned and lonely. However, through the time, I took a special care of it and now she’s fully blooming again. Whenever I sing that song, it reminds me how strong I can be, it does make me proud.

Imagine you’re going on a date in concert with yourself. Who would perform there & why?
It would have to be Adele ! The power that she brings from within is breathtaking. She captivates you with that first note and every song tells a story that you can relate to - from the bottom of your heart. Me and myself would shred our voices singing all the lyrics, like there was no tomorrow ahah.

A thing you love the most about yourself & why?
I guess - the tender side of me. For example, I can have this whole day of being a strong, dedicated superwoman, but the moment I see a dog walking by , I turn into 5 year old me. I loose a track of time, cuddling and playing, doing funny faces with this high pitched voice. I love the fact that I’m able to get excited over these little things in life. P.S my legs are ok too.

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Emilija Kastečkaitė

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A thing you love the most about yourself & why?
Empathy. I also adore my tears! Because I truly understand that my sensitivity didn't stop me from doing big things & maybe even took me where I stand today. I think that being sensitive is my true strength.

Imagine you’re going on a date with yourself. What makeup would you wear & why?
Even though I am a makeup artist, I never judge a person's makeup from my professional side. I always take attention to the details, I like to see lashes that are stuck together from mascara. I even like the wrong contour of lipstick. The fact that a person made makeup by himself is proof that he loves to spend time with himself. I always want that people would love themselves. I love seeing imperfect, incompleted five minutes makeup. That's why I would do a natural makeup while going on a date with myself. I would love to make a self-adorning ritual.

Leave yourself a self-love note to the future!
Emilija, open your eyes & see what's around right now. At this moment, you're having as much as you need. Having time for yourself is not a luxury - it's a must.

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Simona Senkauskaitė

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A brand or a piece of cloth that always makes you feel strong & independent?
I can't choose one brand when there are so many beautiful things created on planet Earth. I would pick jewelry that shows my character and leather accessories. Eclectic forever!

Your favorite self-love ritual?
I associate self-love with a morning. A cup of coffee, music that fits my mood, and then going to my work. Styling is my creative meditation!

A perfect date with yourself would look like…?
Every time I think of that, I imagine myself being naked. Then you don't need to pretend to be someone - it's super important for me, as a creative. I promise I would get ready for this date like I would go to the best photoshoot for a world-class magazine cover. I would take my favorite, the most extravagant clothes, a ton of accessories and jewelry with me and would let my creative process to start.

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